Foshan Midea Golf Club

Foshan,Guangzhou, China
SURE Architecture
Foshan,Guangzhou, China

Kam Fai TAI
KDA: Kuo Diedrich Architect

The shapes of the building are articulated so as to achieve a harmonious and coherent master plan, as well as ensuring good sun orientation and excellent views. The building is fluid in form, accommodating to its surroundings and incorporates expansive sightlines. The new clubhouse use the traditional knowledge of previous western club house combined with a modern architecture design. The internal organization of the building is based on an open central void, around which the circulation takes place.This courtyard in the middle reminds the other two existing architecture on the masterplan while create a connection public space between the golf club and the sport Center.


As design strategy we can find three layers of circulation, public traffic roads that integrate to the existing circulation on site buildings, private Cart roads access to the golf field and pedestrian walkable areas with an alternative circulation routes. An internal circulation will separate the normal members on the golf club to the VIP members. VIP’s had a private access parking in the second level and with a full entire third level where the views are maximize.


We reduced energy consumption by providing natural light and indoor ventilation.In addition to creating a comfortable, natural surrounding, a primary concern in the design is to create an energy neutral and highly efficient building.

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