Siheyuan, landscape design, Olympics park

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Inside the Beijing Olympic Park, this space is dedicated for an out-door extension of the underground retail-shops, located on both sides. The city authority wishes to show some local cultural identity through the landscape design. The idea is to transform the traditional residential building into a shelter that can, at the same time, create shade and bring a total new sensation about Chinese architecture by opening the view not only at the ground level, but also at the roof level. The design tries to integrate the lighting elements. Depending on its height, the light can also be used as a chair, a desk or a fountain. The red and circular formed element is an interpretation of the traditional Chinese lantern.

Project Name: Siheyuan, landscape design

Location: Olympics park, Beijing

Client: Xinao Group

Architect: Qi Xin

Project Team: Qi Xin, Qin Yan, He Wei, Zhang Yajuan, Wang Bin, Huang Reihuang

Structure and Material: Steel

Building Area: 3.300 sqm

Cost: 8 million RMB

Design Period: 2007

Construction Period: 2007

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