After experiences in many international architectural offices around the world, with our common intents running in the background, we decided to bring our new awarenesses and crafts to create something unique. A concept of office that works crosswise between disciplines and allow us to ideate, develop, construct buildings that are the quintessence of architecture applied to real world necessities. Our cross-disciplinary team creates meaningful and fitting designs with an innovative and functional impact.
Since the start of the design studio, ACA has been working on private and public renovations, new buildings, urban design and on strategies for competitions. Aside the design, two of the main founders are also sharing our approach to architecture as guest teachers and lecturer.
A good design always starts with a good analysis. Initially the dialogue with the client and users creates the base for an optimal connection between function, people and space. Then comes the emphasis as result the identity in a characteristic language of form, inspiring and with its own character making suitable spaces for contemporary use.

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Carruba di Giarre, Catania, Italy