Balkrishna Doshi

John Hill
10. December 2019

Pritzker Prize-winning Indian architect Balkrishna Doshi spoke with PLANE—SITE in the first of three videos being released before the European Cultural Centre's Time-Space-Existence exhibition that opens in Venice in May and coincides with the 2020 Venice Architecture Biennale.

In the short, five-minute film, Doshi touches on his early days learning from Le Corbusier and Louis I. Kahn (the "guru and the yogi") and also delves into the idea of home and his convictions on sustainability: "True sustainability is going towards an integral way of life, and an integral way of thinking."

After the now-92-year-old Doshi won the Pritzer Architecture Prize in 2018, his visage and words have found abundance in the media (see also the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art's recent documentary on Doshi). His architectural beliefs, founded decades ago and honed over his long career, have a renewed resonance today, when the crises of housing and sustainability demand the attention of architects.

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