Living with Cats

John Hill
3. September 2020
A loft above the recessed window is devoted to cats, who reach it by the steps mounted to the wall. (Photo: Nacasa & Partners Inc.)

In a new, highly informative film, Akira Koyama, founder and owner of KEY OPERATION / ARCHITECTS, gives an in-depth presentation of a recently completed residential project in Tokyo that his firm designed for people living with cats.

In the 15-minute film, Koyama takes viewers inside the 5-story Tipetto Meguro Fudomae apartment building, explaining how the 14 units cater to tenants with cats but also how the floor plan addresses building codes. Most important are the six vertical voids, some of which are required by code, all of them incorporating recessed windows that aid in light distribution and ventilation for the small units. Viewers are taken inside each unit, including the largest ones that are square in plan and have a recessed window at each corner. Koyama also discusses how the layouts of the units and the natural ventilation enabled by the voids makes the building relevant in considering so-called post-corona architecture.

With its combination of on-site footage, in-depth presentation by the architect, and architectural drawings used to help explain certain design features and technical issues, the film does an excellent job in illustrating the unique characteristics of the building. But it makes us want more. We'd love to see lots more films like this on other buildings — by KEY OPERATION and other architects.

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