John Hill
5. September 2019
Rendering of TERA (Image: AI SpaceFactory/IndieGogo)

A new short film from Seeker dives into the design and construction of AI SpaceFactory's MARSHA prototype, which won the NASA 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge earlier this year. Although designed for Mars, the project will soon be built here on earth as TERA.

In the film Jeffrey Montes, the "Chief Space Architect" at AI SpaceFactory, explains the form and function of MARSHA and how it responds to the martian climate. He then recounts the stressful, two-day construction of the 1/3-scale prototype, the culmination of the four-year NASA challenge. Now, with prize money from the challenge and further backing via IndieGogo, AI SpaceFactory is building a full-scale habitat one hour north of the studio's New York City office. TERA will be made literally from the parts of MARSHA and show a way of building sustainably with space technology.

Rendering of MARSHA (Image: AI SpaceFactory/IndieGogo)

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