SolidNature at Maison & Objet

John Hill
7. September 2015
All photographs courtesy of SolidNature

Stone supplier SolidNature collaborated with architect Rem Koolhaas and designer Petra Blaisse to display 600 types of onyx, marbles, travertines, and other stones for the Maison & Objet trade fair in Paris.

Koolhaas, whose firm OMA - Office for Metropolitan Architecture is working with SolidNature on the Qatar National Library in Doha, composed 60 large upright slabs of stone into a maze-like layout that culminates in two round spaces: a "meeting room" with smaller stone samples and a "chill-out area" formed by Blaisse's curtains suspended from the ceiling of Hall 8 of the Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition center. Walking alongside the slabs parallels the experience of the SolidNature website, where images of stone are layered to give the impression of spatial depth.

Face-to-face with large slabs of stone, visitors to the SolidNature "booth" at Maison & Objet easily grasp the colors, veining, variation and other qualities of the stones. Further, the reflections of the polished stones create a complex layering of stone, light and image, enhanced by the base of Blaisse's curtains, which consists of a reflective metallic fabric. Stone and fabric, architect and designer, work together toward a synthesis that is lush and slightly disorienting.

In a statement from SolidNature, Koolhaas and Blaisse said, "We are impressed by the completeness of SolidNature’s services and by the beauty of their materials. We are happy to collaborate with SolidNature to present their current collection of unique stones."

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