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Kloboucká lesní Headquarters

Mjölk architekti
20. May 2024
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What were the circumstances of receiving this commission?

This contract was unconventional. The timber company Kloboucká lesní wanted to create a new website that would introduce exclusive products in the region — long glued beams BSH — and at the same time represent the company's approach to forestry, which is sustainable without any clichés. The company was also considering new premises for administrative facilities. The photographers who were to supply the images for the website thought that the best way to showcase both would be for Kloboucká lesní to create a new company headquarters and connect the owners with us — architects. The owners liked our designs, and the result is a building that has won many industry awards and perfectly suits the users of the building.

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What makes this project unique?

The open approach of the investor and the speed with which the construction was completed were extraordinary. The height of the trusses is unusual, which was made possible by the glued BSH prisms of Kloboucká lesní. The wooden structure is made exclusively from material that is produced on site, on a production line less than 100 meters from the construction site. In addition, the building is energy self-sufficient, with solar panels supplying excess electricity to the sawmill and wood processing plant. Conversely, the building is heated by the heat generated by burning waste wood from felling and production.

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What is the inspiration behind the design of the building?

The most basic inspiration was the simple shape of a coniferous tree. But the design had more starting points, of course; we were inspired by the place where the building was to be built, the client's industry, and his environmentally friendly approach to nature.

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How did the site impact the design?

Significantly. In the urban design of the factory, an exposed location was chosen for the site. The northern facade of the building faces the village and incoming visitors. The mass of the building conceals the industrial buildings of the site. The background of the building in the second plan consists of the beautiful scenery of the Planavský Ridge.

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To what extent did the owner, client, or future users of the building affect the design?

The investor largely gave us a free hand in the design. The only criteria that influenced the design were the number of employees and their operational requirements for site capacity. To a certain extent, the office furniture itself is also influenced by the employees to suit them as much as possible and to be fully functional.

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Were there any significant changes from initial design to completion?

The cooperation with the designers and contractors was first class in this case. To everyone's surprise, there were no significant changes during the project. Therefore, it can be said that the final building hardly differs from the proposed one.

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How does the building relate to other projects in your office?

Our buildings do not have one predetermined denominator. What they have in common is that we always respond to the client's needs and reflect the place where they are to stand. In this case, timber construction was the only option. In another location, we would choose a different material or approach. What our projects also have in common is that we like to find the boundaries of what is possible when we design and we try to push those boundaries. This was also the case in the creation of the Kloboucká lesní headquarters.

Email interview conducted by John Hill.

Photo: BoysPlayNice
Photo: BoysPlayNice
Photo: BoysPlayNice
Project: Kloboucká lesní Headquarters, 2022
Location: Brumov-Bylnice, Czech Republic
Client: Kloboucká lesní
Architect: Mjölk architekti, Liberec
Chief Engineer: Pavel Srba
Structural Engineer: Lostade CZ
Construction Supervisor: Petr Vlček
Concrete Contractor: Michal Drga
Wooden Construction Contractor: Pukýš DŘEVOSTAVBY
Electric Engineer: Elseremo
Mechanical Engineer: Ladislav Stružka
Heating & Plumbing: Mont SA
Steel Construction: KL TECHSTAGE
Interior Partitions and Claddings: Woodyglass
Lighting Solutions: Konvičný – Lampárna Lighting
Landscape Architect: Atelier Partero
Garden Contractor: GISarch studio
Flat Roof Solutions: Izolplast Zlín
Pavement Contractor: STRABAG
Wooden Terraces Contractor: Pavel Fojtík
Sheetmetal Products: Petr Zimáček
Graphic Design: Lenka Mičolová
Axonometric (Drawing: Mjölk architekti)
Site Plan (Drawing: Mjölk architekti)
Basement Plan (Drawing: Mjölk architekti)
Ground Floor Plan (Drawing: Mjölk architekti)
First Floor Plan (Drawing: Mjölk architekti)
Roof Plan (Drawing: Mjölk architekti)
Longitudinal Section (Drawing: Mjölk architekti)
Cross Section (Drawing: Mjölk architekti)

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