The family house in Týn

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The main requirement was to design single-storey building without a basement a maximum connected with a garden and an adjacent park by the river, where it will be just the place for a young family, all on a neglected plot of land not far from the Vltava river, with a pleasant atmosphere of the park, a good orientation and mature trees. The shape of the house responds to a very specific shape of the land. Revolves around its northern borders and thus creates the midst of his disposition some common atrium for the living room. Here there is a terrace. Furthermore thus leaves free the maximum area sunlit garden in the south. All residential rooms adjacent to the south and southwest side of the building and these are cardinal mostly glazed. This deployment provides a rich sunlit room. A common feature of the house is a triangle. It has been written not only to the floor plan, we find it even in the details, such as the shape of the roof or some windows.
The foundation of the house is on a foundation of plain concrete in combination with concrete blocks (permanent formwork). The structural system of the house is a wall brick (cinder block Porotherm) in combination with steel posts locally supporting the ceiling. This is in its entire area of a reinforced concrete. The roof is made of one envelope, around the perimeter ending in a parapet. Partitions are lined with from blocks Porotherm.

On the project we have been working from its very beginning of design to the last stage - approbation and cooperation in the implementation of the interior
The task was to design a one-storey family house on a neglected plot not far from the Vltava river, with a pleasant park atmosphere, good orientation and tall trees for a young family. The form of the house responds to the very specific land shape. The house wraps around the plots northern border, creating an atrium to the living room in the centre of its layout. From the atrium leads a terrace. Therefore, it leaves a maximum area of free space on the garden of southern sunlight. All living rooms surround the south and southwest facades of the house and are mainly glazed to these sides. This layout provides rich sunlight in the rooms. Common feature parts of the house is a triangle. It is not only inscribed in the ground plan, we can also find it in details such as the shape of the roof or some windows.
The house foundation is on the belts of plain concrete in combination with concrete blocks, so-called permanent shuttering. The construction system is a brick wall system from Porotherm blocks in combination with steel columns locally supporting the ceiling. The ceiling is monolithic reinforced concrete in its entire area. The roof is single-skinned, rounded off by a parapet. Partitions are from Porotherm blocks.
We worked on this project from the first design draft to the last phase, which was the final house inspection and also cooperation in the realization of the interior.

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