Photo © Linus Lintner
Photo © Linus Lintner
Photo © Linus Lintner
Photo © Linus Lintner

Choriner Höfe

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Berlin-Mitte, Germany

A residential building project is taking shape in one of the most lively residential areas of the Eastern part of the city, comprising approx. 120 apartments and underground parking. On the large site at the corner of Choriner Strasse and Zehdenicker Strasse four new buildings form a closed perimeter block, and five more buildings are being realized within the block. Within the framework of this project we are designing two residential buildings in the perimeter block on Zehdenicker Strasse as well as the whole basement, and we have taken over the design co-ordination of all the participating architects.

Although the two buildings we have designed have a strong architectural affinity, their architectures are different because they have different significance for the ensemble. “House 8” forms the entrance to the inner area of the block. This 2-storey entrance is emphasized by us by a building with a particularly significant architecture. The facade is strongly characterised by the five nests located on each floor, and the upper most of them articulating a high point which marks the entrance to the inner part of the development.

"Haus 9" alludes typologically in part to the classically inspired buildings in the surrounding area, as well as to the adjacent smooth facades in the existing old buildings. These references to the surroundings are translated into a modern architecture focused on pure, essential design elements and elegant proportions. The building comprises a complex mix of apartments. The two-storey base requested by our client frames retail units on the ground floor as well as apartments on the first floor.

8.217 m²

Diamona & Harnisch Berlin Development GmbH & Co. Choriner Straße KG

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