Constanze Weihs

Constanze Weihs, graduate in engineering/architecture from the university of applied sciences (Diplomingenieur FH); member of North-Rhine Westphalia Chamber of Architects (AKNW); Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in project management; Lead User Experience
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After qualifying as an architect, in 2005 Constanze moved to Switzerland, having first spent time in Australia and South Africa. She is a member of the North-Rhine Westphalia Chamber of Architects in Germany.
Constanze initially worked at RBSGROUP as a project leader in the areas of office design and planning, change management, and project management. After working at RBSGROUP for many years and with great dedication, Constanze was appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) and member of the Management.
RBSGROUP is now part of the international consulting company Drees & Sommer, and Constanze heads the User Experience division in Switzerland. Drees & Sommer’s User Experience division provides specialist integrated design services, plans and realizes forward-looking formats which always focus on the user. Its specialists have extensive expertise of office and work spaces but also cross industry and format boundaries.


Katja Wöhler

Katja Wöhler, graduate in engineering/interior architecture from the university of applied sciences (Diplomingenieur FH)
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With her long experience in the conceptual design of working environments, Katja leads the Concept Development and Design team at Dress & Sommer’s Zurich office. She graduated with a degree in interior architecture in Darmstadt, Germany and Amsterdam, Netherlands. Subsequently she worked as an interior architect in Australia and the Middle East for many years. Katja has worked as a workplace expert in Switzerland since 2012. Her core area of expertise is activity-based working.
At Drees & Sommer, the Design team helps its clients to create spaces tailored to their needs. The objective of incorporating branding into interior design is to bring brand and corporate values to life for staff and clients.
Office design includes not only design and planning services covering all sectors and standards, but also location and building analyses (feasibility studies), test fits and visualization as well as the development of customized space, area and functional allocation plans.


Benjamin Stetter

Benjamin Stetter, Master of Science (MSc.) in Applied Psychology, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW); Senior Consultant and Team Leader Requirement & Change Management
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In his master’s thesis, Benjamin wrote about the factors contributing to an innovative corporate culture. They include the planning and realization of project rooms that enable agile and creative working.
Since 2016 Benjamin has worked in the User Experience division of the international consulting company Drees & Sommer. This revolves around the integrated conceptualization, design and realization of pioneering working and learning environments in which the focus is always on the user. Benjamin and his team are responsible for the services provided by the User Requirement and Change Management unit.