Entwurf und Koordination Mieterausbau einer Physiotherapiepraxis mit Pilatesraum


We have more than 15 years of experience through all planning and construction phases and are well prepared to offer you advice when buying property.

Our architectural services are provided in English, German, French or Español. We have building and construction experience with many local and international clients including references from ZIS parents.

Our services include property analyses and calculatations for prospective land utilization projects. We will resolve building regulations and advise you in the most current energy and sustainability practices.

We have a strong background in planning new buildings, additions, refurbishments, renovations, and alterations.

For each project we will develop preliminary concepts, calculate the costs and timing schedules, create and file building permits, visit the authorities, and prepare detail drawings.

Our  former clients are, doctors, bankers, managers, loyers, car mechanics, university sport teachers, science teachers, history teachers, software developers, chemical engineers,  optometrists, interface designers, industrial designers, artists, photographers, real estate dealers, etc.

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