The Vergers Tower

Meyrin, Switzerland

Architect and designer of CERN's Globe of Innovation and the famous Refuge du Goûter at Mont-Blanc, we at GROUPE H work according to the philosophy of sustainable development which aims to balance economic performance with environmental protection and social solidarity.

We do this through the following methods:

1. Continual searching for original and constructive solutions which combine the criteria of personal protection, environmental protection, and economic viability.

2. Satisfying our clients' requirements while respecting collective interests.

3. The reliability and performance level of our services, in addition to the transparency of what we do.

4. Our employees' training and motivation.

5. Complying with our contractual requirements rooted in an equal partnership between all of the key players who are involved.

In order to achieve the goals of this policy, we have adopted a management system which integrates quality, safety, and the environment which we undertake to apply and to improve on a permanent basis.

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Meyrin, Switzerland