Güller Güller architecture urbanism was founded in 1999 by Mathis and Michael Güller. The company has special interest in complex urban design tasks. This means projects which involve development strategies and design projects, urban space and infrastructure equally. In all projects, Güller Güller are working towards simple and innovative, if not visionary solutions. Special attention is given to the communication and visualisation of the projects, and to improving their political and public acceptance.

The integration of other disciplines being crucial in such tasks, Güller Güller have in all of their projects sought close collaboration with specialists of a.o. traffic planning, economy, engineering, political science and sustainability. Through these networks of co-operation, the company has achieved a high flexibility allowing it to approach every new task, regardless of its scale and extent, in an efficient and made-to-measure way. This capacity is reflected in the wide range of projects that they have been doing, encompassing city planning as well as architecture, urban design as well as research.

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