One of the main areas of our work is the development and implementation of complete concepts for conversion, modernisation, new build and corporate architecture projects. The rooms and buildings which we design on behalf of developers in Germany and around the world can be described very clearly - interior design and architecture as a whole, a unit - purposeful, emotional and functional. Material and colour compositions. Contrasts of surfaces and textures. The interplay between light and shadow is given particular priority. Basic geometric shapes are a constant theme in our designs and combine to form a single unit. Every design and every concept is tailored to the aims, the needs, the requirements and the personality of the customer. Creativity, a range of ideas and sensitivity are the basic prerequisites for the production of bespoke plans. Finding solutions always means facing up to new challenges. The ultimate aim is to create rooms which stimulate the senses, which feature an atmosphere and character of their own - rooms which remain anchored permanently and positively in the memory. A precise analysis of the situation and the structures on site provides the basis for creating high quality solutions. A sense of responsibility and commitment on the part of the office provide the guarantees that the client receives a well thought out, coordinated planning and construction process. The all-embracing thought process results in the office taking on all the services required from the initial design and site management to the final acceptance procedure. We enjoy accepting overall responsibility for a project. Compliance with a specific level of costs and timescale forms a major part of our work which also includes coordination with colleagues, engineers, support structure planners and landscape architects for a specific project.

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