Photo © Ulrich Schwarz
Photo © Ulrich Schwarz
Photo © Ulrich Schwarz
Photo © Ulrich Schwarz

Museum Berggruen

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Berlin, Germany
Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz

Kuehn Malvezzi realized the extension and interior fittings of the Museum Berggruen in the Museum district of Charlottenburg, Berlin.
 With the addition of a new glass pergola, the Stülerbau-West is connected to the neighbouring Kommandantenhaus at Spandauer Damm, placing the sculpture garden at the centre of the ensemble. By focusing on the thresholds and relationships between the existing buildings, the museum was completely reorientated to incorporate the outdoor, as well as public urban space into the architectural composition. The new 22m long passageway is situated along the historic gate and references elements borrowed from traditional garden design. A colonnade, open to all sides, functions as a belvedere, opening the view to Schloss Charlottenburg and the sculpture garden patio, which is framed by high trees. The transparent steel construction sets itself apart from the historic facades of the two adjoining buildings and emphasizes their respective characters. The walkway links the presentations of the collection in both houses on the raised ground floor, making the garden accessible via a sloped, hedge-lined path.

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