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Peter Latz Master Garden

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Beijing, China

Organizing Committee for the 9th China International Garden Exposition in Beiing

2.500 m²

Show garden for the 9th China International Garden Expo and permanent installation in a new park.

Gardens, in the context of garden shows and exhibitions, are perceived differently than in everyday life. Visitors do not linger in one place for long, they will often only stay for a few minutes. People spend more time in restaurants and cafés. With this in mind, the idea was to open up the generally introverted garden space and understand it as a passageway with several through-routes.

Due to the short implementation period, the main structure was composed of physical elements:

- undulating topography,

- stage wings made of vertical stone slabs,

- the unexpected coolness from a veil of mist that rises from misting jets between stone slabs in the centre of the garden.

The sparsely designed vegetation consists of two layers: trees with lifted crowns that allow views underneath and a carpet of grasses, herbaceous perennials and herbs. One of the hills is planted with conifers, the other with deciduous trees. The groundcover planting is neutral, whilst different species bursting into bloom add an element of surprise.

Should anyone choose to spend some time in the garden, he can do so on one of the benches made from the same stone as the wings.

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