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m3 Architects was founded in Zürich in 2001. Since then we have been engaged in creating a serious and lasting contribution to contemporary architecture. We deliver bespoke solutions for projects of all scales and types, and specialise in apartment buildings and in office spaces for local and international companies.


Our goal is to create innovative and sustainable buildings, through which we can satisfy the individual needs of our clients, as well as positively contributing to society and to the quality of public space. Our projects come to life through an attention to detail and the precision of their construction.


As architects we both design and build. And as such, we are capable of dealing with all phases of a building project. Our standards of quality and precision are thus fully ensured throughout the entire process, which greatly benefits our clients and the projects themselves. Within the office we can easily deal with projects of up to SFr. 10 million, and for larger projects we work together with external experts or with a general contractor.


We are experienced in designing energy-efficient buildings. Many of our new-build projects have been awarded the "Minergie" standard and we also develop meaningful energy concepts for our renovation projects.


We have a great deal of experience in creating rentable office space for international firms, and as such, are well versed in collaborating with international and intercontinental project teams. We are able to conduct all phases of a project in English. We possess the necessary terminology and the know-how needed to lead such projects and we strive to understand the different cultural needs of each our clients.


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