Asplund Pavilion – Vatican Chapels - Venice Architectural Biennale 2018

Venice, Italy

MAP Studio ( ) is an architectural agency founded in Venice in 2004 by Francesco Magnani and Traudy Pelzel. MAP Studio deals with architecture and town planning projects, feasibility study, restoration of existing building, realization of new buildings, both public and private.
Among the most important works of MAP Studio we mention: the Restoration of Porta Nuova Tower at Venice Arsenale, which has been awarded Pietro Torta Award 2011 and Piranesi Honorable Mention 2011 at Piran days of Architecture (Slo). In the 2013 this work was nominee at the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture - Mies van der Rohe Award. On 2017 Esail published a book about this work; the Tramway Terminal in Venice finalists at Big Mat International Architecture Award of 2017; an office building in Bologna is currently nearing completed. In 2018 MAP Studio participated at Vatican Chapels, the first pavilion of the Holy See at the 16th Venice Biennale of Architecture with the Asplund Pavilion, project hosting drawings and plastics by Gunnar Asplud for the Woodland Chapel in Stockholm.
MAP Studio´s projects were published in international architectural magazines such as Casabella, Die Bawelt, AMC Interieurs, Edilizia e Territorio, BOB International Magazine of Space Design.

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Venice, Italy