Photo © P'ARC
Photo © P'ARC
Photo © P'ARC


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Terni, Italy

Design: Enrica Dall'Ara, Sara Angelini
Construction: Enrica Dall'Ara and GATR Giovani Architetti Terni

Clôtures is a conceptual project intended for the public space.  It is replicable and adaptable in the intentions in different contexts and situations.
Clôtures was realized in Terni during the 1st Festival of Architecture in the Umbria region Think Town Terni (20 Sept – 03 Oct, 2010) promoted by GATR Terni Young Architects association. The festival had also the support of the Umbria Region, the Municipality of Terni, the British Council, and of other public and private promoters.
Clôtures concept moves from the primary meanings of garden. Garden, in different languages, means an enclosed place. It has always assumed this configuration during different ages and cultures, although in many different ways and forms. The Garden is a place cut out and declined from the landscape and close to the architecture. It is a place separated from the landscape and opened, extrovert in relation to the intimacy of the human being – thoughts, feelings, creativity – and the architecture that he lives. Inside the garden the nature is recreated by the human work that takes care of the place. The idea of Clôtures arises from these concepts. These little enclosures are pure volumes, abstractions in a parallelepipeds form. The material chosen to give this kind of sensation and shape is a transparent fabric, like a gauze, that shows the protective role of the boundary but, at the same time, is fragile, light and in relation with the landscape and the environment surround. Inside the boundary it is possible to seed, to plant, to water and to wait for the blooming. What happens spontaneously in nature, happens through careful preparation in the garden. It is a demonstration of an intention that could come out from a private and subjective context to involve the public space and the community.
In Terni we realized little enclosed gardens with autumnal herbaceous (Salvia uliginosa, Tulbaghia violacea, Verbena bonariensis) and some empty fences ready to be completed by the inhabitants. The fences were realized in a fabric commonly  used in plasterboard works and stakes of steel.

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