Cesar Ritz Culinary Campus

Bouveret, Switzerland
Mikou & Mikou Architekten AG

Competition 2016

Culinary Campus, kitchens, meeting rooms, tasting spaces 
5’000 sqm
15 M €
Bouveret, Switzerland

Lake-view windows

The site is remarkable, with the lake and the mountain. A contrast of opposite and complementary landscapes: on one hand, the peacefulness of a vast horizontal expanse of smooth water; on the other, the movement and dynamism of a vertical background.

The new Culinary Training Centre had to be in keeping with this outstanding environment. 

This duality of landscapes led us to design a building that is largely open onto both the mountain and the lake. We have not given priority to one direction. Instead, we have ensured that, from inside the new culinary centre, one can always feel a visual relationship with the varied landscapes, making permanent immersion in the landscape an attractive feature of the culinary centre. In the design scheme, the circulation areas inside the building and the vertical circulation areas are conceived as real places of activity, complementary to the kitchens and the classrooms. 

The atrium and the access galleries that serve the kitchens and the classrooms on every floor level are real spaces that can be used for new functions and make the new culinary centre a living, dynamic and convivial place. The building is organised in two contrasting parts, each in keeping with the landscape that it faces. On one side, the kitchen spaces move towards the lake and are like horizontal strata in harmony with the expanse of water, like large “lake-view windows”. 

On the other side, looking towards the mountain, the activity that predominates in the large atrium is more in keeping with the more dynamic landscape in the background. On the accessible flat roof is a pavilion made up of interwoven wood slats. Poised slightly in disequilibrium over the void, it is like an allusion to the “follies” that were fashionable in the 18th century, and it contributes to creating a major landmark.


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