Getzner Textil AG

Front building of the old weaving

Bludenz, Austria, 2018

Der Kopfbau der Alten Weberei beherbergt heute Büros der Getzner Textil AG an deren Hauptstandort in Bludenz. Er bietet dem weltweit täti...

sandy brunner Architecture

Apartment Raval

Barcelona, Spain, 2020

Rehabilitation of an apartment in Raval, Barcelona.

hcreates interior design

Switching Time

shanghai , China, 2020

FUTURE INVESTMENT THROUGH DESIGN AND COLOUR A colourful and fresh new space for this energetic and successful Shanghai based Integrated C...

Miriam Fluri Fotografie

Rychiger AG

Steffisburg, Switzerland, 2019


Miriam Fluri Fotografie

Schweizer Wanderwege

Bern, Switzerland, 2019



AWF, Vintage Floor Rustic


(AWF: Air Wash Floor) Featuring a design that incorporates the knots and color variations of natural wood, along with a roughly planed f...


Powerful Floor REO


Redesigned with a softwood-plywood and MDF core. The mirror finish ensures you’ll be enjoying the luster of wood grain for years to come...

dongqi Architects

White Bird Café & Diner

Shanghai, China, 2018

White Bird Café & Diner has opened their new shop in Shanghai Designed by dongqi Architects. Black coated steel panels, exposed aggr...

3andwich Design / He Wei Studio

Shangping Village Regeneration - Yang’s School…

Sanming, China, 2017

Yang’s School Area is located at the intersection of the two streams in Shang Ping Village where two main trails dispatch from the entran...

MedPlan Engineering AG

Kantonsspital Schaffhausen

Switzerland, 2008

1. Etappe Realisation 2008 Anzahl OP-Säle / Raumprogramm 1. Phase: 3 Räume 2. Phase: 2 Räume Fläche Gesamtfläche OP-Abteilung; ca. 51...

dongqi Architects


Shanghai, China, 2016

The FRESHIGH designed by dongqi Architects is located on South Shaanxi road, in the center of Shanghai. The primary task in this project ...

Nething Generalplaner GmbH

Hotel LAGO

Ulm, Germany, 2009

Eine Messe ohne Hotel, undenkbar. Am besten sogar eines, das direkt mit der Messe verbunden ist. Für dieses Gemeinschaftsprojekt haben wi...

Nething Generalplaner GmbH

Hotel Goldenes Rad

Ulm, Germany, 2016

Das traditionsreiche Hotel zwischen Münsterplatz und Neuer Mitte gehört zu den ältesten Gebäuden der Stadt. Selbst Mozart soll hier schon...

Nething Generalplaner GmbH


Ulm, Germany, 2019

Für Codex eine junge Marke, die den professionellen Fliesenleger mit qualitativ hochwertigen Verlege-Werkstoffen aber auch Know-how verso...


Lignes / look.


「look.」シリーズに、「線」を意味する「Lignes」をテーマとしたデザインを追加しました。太さや、濃淡、テイストの異なる様々「線」 のデザイン、12種34点が揃います。

SCHIEBER | DE ZANET innenArchitektur GmbH

Tisch Quagga Quagga

Zürich, Switzerland, 2020

Tisch aus Massivholz mit liegenden und stehenden Holzlamellen verleimt, Tischbein mit Durchdringung der Tischplatte durch formschlüssige ...


MYMORY Boutique Hotel in Rural Old House

Hangzhou, China, 2020

MYMORY boutique hotel is located in the foothill of Tianmu mountain scenic spot in Taihuyuan, Lin’an, Hangzhou. Surrounded by picturesque...




PATTERNSシリーズに単色で展開する「GRADATION / P062」の新たなバリエーションとして、2つの色を使用したグラデーションパターンを追加しました。反転・回転、サイズ調整や色変更などのカスタマイズも可能です。

architekturbüro .pg1

Modernisierung "Central City Cinemas" im…

Kaiserslautern, Germany, 2010

Um das Central Kino auf dem Kinomarkt konkurrenzfähig zu betreiben, wurde ein neues Konzept entwickelt, das eine umfangreiche Instandsetz...

Joos & Mathys Architekten

Umbau Nutzungsänderung Schloss Grüningen

Grüningen, Switzerland, 2015

sandy brunner Architecture

Office Weirather Wenzel & Partner 2

Barcelona, Spain, 2018

The project begins with the task from the Company WWP to design their second offices in Barcelona. To reduce the cost and the environment...

Corde Architetti

PRFLPS offices

Cadoneghe, Italy, 2019

The transformation of this office building has to deal with the long, narrow shape of the plan that leads to an almost forced solution. T...

Dive Architects


Gärsnäs, Sweden, 2019

Gärsnäs is a Swedish furniture company based in the village of the same name. Founded in 1893 they have a long renowned tradition of timb...


Neubau Einfamilienhaus

Weiden, Germany, 2019

Der Neubau des Wohnhauses für eine 4 köpfige Familie fügt sich auf zwei Flurstücken in das Wohngebiet ein. Zur maßstäblich Einfügung glie...

sandy brunner Architecture

Apartment Glòries

Barcelona, Spain, 2019

The apartment to be renovated, built at the beginning of the 20th century in Barcelona, was based on a classical layout with small, dark ...

Köppen Rumetsch Architekten GmbH

Kieferorthopädische Fachpraxis

Waldshut, Germany, 2009

Die kieferorthopädische Praxis gruppiert sich um einen zentralen Funktionsbereich. Als umgehbarer roter Kern mit Sitz- und Wartenischen a...

sandy brunner Architecture

Apartment La Barceloneta

Barcelona, Spain, 2009

Renovation of a tiny apartment in La Barceloneta. The challenge is to make an habitable flat for one to three people out of 26 m2. All he...

sandy brunner Architecture

Office Gas Natural

Barcelona, Spain, 2009

The Project begins with the priority of personalize the tower interiors depending on the function once the client is already the user of ...

hcreates interior design

Tourism New Zealand

Shanghai, China, 2019

Tourism New Zealand has opened its new light-filled space in Wheellock Square, Shanghai


Au Pont Rouge, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2016

Cheungvogl has created an open exhibition retail space around a robotic system within the restoration of the 110 year old iconic departme...

hcreates interior design

The Clinic

shanghai, China, 2017

Premium healthcare and access to rehabilitation services are growing trends in the China healthcare market. Collectively the clinic team ...

hcreates interior design

New Zealand Central

shanghai, China, 2018

The Client wanted to design a space which delivered an authentic experience, that showcased New Zealand. The space needed to be function...

sandy brunner Architecture

Apartment Eixample

Barcelona, Spain, 2013

Refurbishment of an apartment in Eixample. the character given to each room is unique, suplied by the changing colours of the walls. The ...

sandy brunner Architecture

Apartment Vallvidrera

Barcelona, Spain, 2006

Refurbishment of a long narrow apartment in Vallvidrera's hill. In order to keep the eye on the panoramic view of Barcelona from any poin...


Aesop, Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China, 2012

Disolvement of spatial and functional hierarchies.


Butcher Friedrichs

Cologne, Germany, 2018

The shop of a former Chinese snack bar is located in the lively Sülzburgstrasse of Cologne's Veedels Sülz. The Friedrichs family has open...

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