Qinhuai bar & shops

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The site is located between Nanjing downtown and the airport in a development zone along the Qinhuai river that passes through the city as well. A group of architects works together on the bar and shopping area with a master plan defined by Tongji University. Our mission is to enclose the two squares in both ends of the site with other architects, and to introduce two pedestrian streets. The approach is using the difference in topography to make a three dimensional street network, which allows the people to reach easy every single shop, and to create more public spaces.

Project Name: Qinhuai bar & shops

Location: Nanjing

Client: Dongshan governement

Architect: Qi Xin, Xu Dan, Liu Erdong,

Project Team: Qi Xin, Liu Erdong, Xudan, Wang Bin

Structure and Material: Asphalt concrete

Building Area: 8.000 sqm

Design Period: 2007

Construction Period: 2007-08

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