Photo © Mojo Reitter
Photo © Mojo Reitter
Photo © Mojo Reitter
Photo © Mojo Reitter
Photo © Mojo Reitter
Photo © Mojo Reitter

West - Combined educational and local supply center

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Bachlechnerstr.35, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria
1M - 100M
1-5 Stories

arge reitter - eck&reiter

The north facing front and the northeast corner are the most important and attractive commercial spots (cars stopping at the red light, bus stop nearby). Two-story shop windows guarantee that the displayed merchandise is the star. The mall extends over two levels from the north to the east front.


Over 80% of daily shopping is done by car. Having the parking deck and shopping platform situated on the same level severely raises the ease of access and shopping comfort. Another advantage this arrangement provides is the unique perspective a visitor gets on the lower sales floor. As a result of shelving and storage rooms, the grade look into stores is often completely blocked. The combination of the first parking floor and the lowest sales floor on the same level offers pedestrians and mall-flaneurs a breath-taking bird's eye view from the higher shopping levels. The market place experiences a substantial upgrade from it's four-sided facade and circumferential gallery. A cascade of escalators and moving walkways connect the second basement floor to the ground floor, further escalators and elevators access the upper floor.

There are two access ways to the two-story underground parking planned, both from the Bachlechnerstraße, as well as one exit. Suppliers have access to a completely enclosed delivery platform at the north end of the complex. The basement floor sales area is supplied by dedicated freight elevators.


The busy streets north and east of the complex and the demand for open air classrooms call for a solution that provides introversion and peace while allowing openness. THE ENTRANCE AREA The main intent is to drag the kids into the school and "off the streets". A generous forecourt is elevated five meters above ground level to catch the early morning sun and separate from the commercial center. Conveniently reached by a short walk from the bus station in the north and the new bike lane with bike parking in the south. School life is part of the public sphere. The sidewalk stretches into the cloakroom and onto a wide staircase, leading, reminiscent of an amphitheater, to the diagonally inserted break and recreation area. Ten meters of daily elevation gain are transformed into a exhilarating sequence of ambiances. An elongated atrium provides open space for enjoying meals and after-school supervision. It is flooded with gentle light from north-facing windows and connects with the gym to allow a view to the south.


-Schools are not developed and built for specific pedagogic concepts; they have to allow for different teaching and learning methods. -Centerpiece is still the classroom. However, it has to be flexible enough to allow for combination of a multitude of learning arrangements for smaller groups as well as multi-class projects. -Open common spaces connecting 2 to 4 classrooms are of particular importance in bigger school buildings as they serve as meeting and identification points for students and provide a multitude of utility options.

(taken from: Züricher Grundsätze. P. Ess in: Schulhausbau: der Stand der Dinge, Birkhäuser 2004)

Along the end-to-end middle zone two calming atria with gorgeous views of the Nordkette mountain.

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