Hôtel Siebertz

Charleroi, Belgium

The name RESERVOIR A is representative of an architecture firm where both the container and the content make sense. RESERVOIR A develops spaces where form and functionality are the conditions that enable users to have their own form of "eureka".

Our team brings together the technical competencies and the means expected from masters of the trade: a far reaching contemplation of the existing context, research and establishment of the program, constant attention to the needs of the users, grasp of the costs and the deadlines, rigorous administrative management, and a constant presence throughout the planning and building stages. Our art is whole, sensitive, inspiring spatial emotions.

We also propose a substantial added value to our clients in terms of image and quality.  We pride ourselves in delivering buildings which, in addition to suitable functionality and technique, will satisfy our clients' architectural desires. Buildings which they can be proud of.

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Charleroi, Belgium