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For over 25 years, architects J.M. Slapa, H. Oberholz and Z. Pszczulny have been developing and realising joint projects for administrative, commercial, industrial and residential purposes, including airports and sports stadiums. Based in Düsseldorf with some 80 employees, the international architecture firm of sop architekten is committed to a clear and timeless architectural language as well as a holistic approach to their constructions, down to the last detail. This includes urban planning analyses as well as the revitalisation of existing properties, professional execution planning and construction management, sophisticated interior design or taking the lead in sustainable construction. After the formation of the architecture company 1987 as JSK Düsseldorf, in 2010, the office separated from the JSK Group and proceeded to operate as slapa oberholz pszczulny, sop | architekten. With buildings such as the Gap 15, the Hyatt Hotel in Media Harbour, the Esprit Arena or the new Dusseldorf Airport, the architects Slapa, Oberholz and Pszczulny have heavily influenced the face of Dusseldorf. The Orjin Maslak business centre in Istanbul and Wroclaw’s UEFA Euro 2012 football stadium are two of the firm’s successful international endeavours.

Competences: Architecture | Interior Design

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