Shipai Town Hall

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Shipai Town Hall, Dongguan, 2002

Shipai is one of the thirty-three townships of Dongguan City in the Pearl River Delta area, which is known for its heat and humidity. The town’s administrative center design responds to local weather conditions to achieve a regional architectural quality of a sort that has faded greatly with the introduction of air conditioning in the 1980s. The building is sliced east–west into three thin layers for better natural ventilation. The frame-colonnade on the south side functions as a sun-shading device while creating an appropriate governmental image. The horizontal louvers over the complex are to reduce heat gain on the roof as well as to define public spaces between the layers.

Project Name: Shipai Town Hall

Location: Shipai, Dongguan, Guangdong

Client: Shipai Township

Architect: Atelier Feichang Jianzhu

Project Designer: Yung Ho CHANG

Project Team: XU Yixing, WANG Hui, YU Lu, ZHANG Lufeng, WANG Xin, DAI Changjing

Consultants: XIA Yu (structural consultant)

Structure and Material: Reinforced concrete frame, hollow brick infill walls painted on the outside, and aluminum roof louvers with steel structure

Building Area: 17,950 sq. meters

Cost: Approximately 39,000,000 RMB

Design Period: 2000–2001

Construction Period: 2000–2003

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