Foto © Guy Wenborne
Foto © Guy Wenborne
Foto © Guy Wenborne
Foto © Guy Wenborne

School of Architecture, UTFSM

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Acceso San Luis, Valparaíso, Chile
1 millón - 100 millones
1 - 5 pisos

The project for the extension of the school of architecture acts as a catalysts for students and faculty connecting the existing, the abandoned and the interstitial conditions of the existing neo gothic institutional building and the program of an architecture and design school. In order to create a multiplicity of relationships and a variety of spaces to be adapted by the schools future, it proposes a generative coexistence and qualitative relationships of the spaces as a platform to engage the multiple stakeholders of various faculties within the schools everyday culture, providing a space that can be readily adapted in multiple functions such as: design studio, exhibition space, student lounge, event space, workshop and/or conferences and lectures. The space has been built with a very low budget, creating only what is essential to empower the community.

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