'Architects Assist' Offers Disaster Relief in Australia

John Hill
7. janvier 2020
Screenshot of architectsassist.com.au

As bushfires have ravaged parts of Australia and destroyed thousands of homes, hundreds of Australian architects are offering pro bono design and planning assistance to people needing to rebuild.

Currently more than 200 architecture and building design practices are part of Architects Assist, which was formed when it "became obvious that the resources of individual firms will not be sufficient to assist all those requiring help." Geared to residential projects, AA also aids in rebuilding small local businesses and community buildings. In all cases, AA encourages design outcomes that are:

  • "architecturally considered,
  • owner-builder friendly,
  • resilient in natural disasters,
  • built with sustainable materials,
  • compact and spatially efficient,
  • extremely affordable."

Those in need can apply for assistance via the AA website, where registered architects or qualified building design professionals can sign up to provide pro bono services. AA does not receive or request any funding, it should be noted, and its services are voluntary and free of charge.

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