Nagano, Japon, 2014


Vent Vert

Tokyo, Japon, 2012

House on the Bluff

Kanagawa, Japon, 2012

Villa Overlooking the Sea

Kanagawa, Japon, 2011

House of Maple Leaves

Nagano, Japon, 2010

House like a Museum

Kanagawa, Japon, 2008

House at Shimogamo

Kyoto, Japon, 2006

Ikedayama Place

Shinagawa, Japon, 2004

This is a three-story, fourteen-unit housing complex with a basement. Each unit boasts a 3x3-meter balcony terrace onto which living...

Gamo Aoyama

Minato-ku, Japon, 2003

Minato-ku, Tokyo 2003.03 Client: GAMO Co., Ltd. Contractor: Sato Hide Site Area: 648.06 ㎡ Floor Area: 988.85 ㎡

M Residence

Shinagawa, Japon, 2003

Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 2003.12 Contractor: Sou Kenchiku Site Area: 95.02 ㎡ Floor Area: 165.86 ㎡ Structure, Scale: Wo...

EDDI's House, Prefabricated Housing System

Japan, Japon, 2002

"Mr. Suzuki has long been involved in the industrialization of home construction, which is the basic tenet of Daiwa House Industry Co., L...

Machi Residence

Nakano, Japon, 2002

Nakano-ku, Tokyo 2002.10 Contractor: Sou Kenchiku Site Area: 176.06 ㎡ Floor Area: 117.59 ㎡ Structure, Scale: Wood...

Higashi Kanto Expressway Shisui PA

Inba-Gun, Chiba, Japon, 2002


Sekine Clinic/Residence

Kodama-Gun, Japon, 2001

"Thanks to the impressive perforated metal screen surrounding the building, which serves both as a privacy filter and a windbreak against...

Gamo Oyama

Oyama, Tochigi, Japon, 2001

Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture, 2001.12 Client: GAMO Co., Ltd. Contractor: Koitabashi Construction Site Area: 5...

Y Residence/Guest House

Shibuya, Tokyo, Japon, 2001


Shiga Residence

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japon, 2001


JR Saitama Shintoshin Station

Saitama, Japon, 2000

“This station and passagewaycommemoratethe centennial of the founding of Saitama and act as the gateway to Saitama New Urban Center....

Terrace Mille

Nakano, Tokyo, Japon, 2000

Nakano-ku, Tokyo 2000.03 Client: Yoshiko Aramaki, Chikako Aramaki Contractor: Kitano Construction Site Area: 37...

N House

Setagaya, Tokyo, Japon, 2000


Kamikochi Building

Kobe, Hyogo, Japon, 1998


Hamaguchi Gallery

Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japon, 1998


Machi Villa

Fukushima, Japon, 1997

Fukushima City , Fukushima Prefecture 1997.08 Client: Kiiko Machi Contractor: Ohtsuki Jyuhki, Nagai Construction Site A...

JR Ohmagari Station

Akita, Japon, 1997

Ohmagari City, Akita Prefecture 1997.07 Client: Ohmagari City JR East Japan Railway Company Contractor: Ohbayashi Corporat...

Nishimachi International School

Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japon, 1997


Ikeda Residence

Dazaifu, Fukuoka, Japon, 1997



Shibuya, Tokyo, Japon, 1995


Kawanishi Residence

Setagaya, Tokyo, Japon, 1995

Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 1995.02 Client: Shiro Kawanishi Contractor: Matsumoto Corporation Site Area: 333.58 ㎡ Floor Ar...

Imai Bella Fons

Kobe, Hyogo, Japon, 1995


Bizen Gallery KOH

Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japon, 1994


Mpata Lodge

Mara Rianta, Kenya, 1992

Africa , Kenya 1992.7 Contractor: V.K construction Site Area: 101,167.75㎡ Floor Area: Clubhouse 1,513㎡, Banda A 65㎡, Ba...