Multifunctional building double Sports Pavilion

L'Esquirol, Espagne
Photo © Eduard Selva
Photo © Eduard Selva
Photo © Eduard Selva
Colomer-Aceves Arquitectes
C/ del Puig 1, 08511 L'Esquirol, Espagne
1 million - 100 millions
1-5 étages

The building is located in the outskirts of the village, surrounded by two-flooring single family houses.

The main idea is to build a low height building so as not to generate problems with the neighborhood related to the street. However, you can see the whole building from the soccer field.

It takes advantage of the slope to set up three floors. In the ground floor we find the bar, in the first floor the dressing room and the sports court, and in the second floor another dressing room related with the soccer field.

From the grandstand, the landscape is like a background for the sports court.

The location of the dressing room allows people to both go to the swimming pools and to the soccer field.

The building is built with brickwork and a wooden roof, similar to the single-family houses that are close to the sports center. The insulation and the biomass heating system contribute to make an eco-friendly building.

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