Architecture, in order to be perfected, must excel in numerous critical respects, including aesthetics, economy, pragmatism, experience and mechanics. Failure in any one of these aspects can overcome a building, which may otherwise have all the other ingredients for success. Bob Abrahams and Jeffrey Eyster have formed a+e (abrahams+eyster) Architecture, a new kind of architectural firm. We manage the essential and complex requirements of architectural practice through state of the art Building Information Modeling (BIM). Since 2004 a+e has been using this exciting technology which frees us to be guided by our vision, our knowledge, and our innovation to excel at the art and craft of architecture. A+E buildings have appeared on the cover of the Los Angeles Times, in Domus and in many other publications. Our clients include a city municipality, forward thinkers from the fields of design and technology, successful developers, a financial institution, celebrities, business owners and many others who benefit from our spirit of synergy and collaboration in our client relationships. With offices in Los Angeles and Toronto, our team can meet the challenging needs of demanding projects around the world. We thrive on creativity and invention through the tireless pursuit of achieving custom solutions. We work to create healthy environments for our clients and for the world.


  • 建築家
Los Angeles, アメリカ