JR Ohmagari Station

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Akita, Japan

Ohmagari City, Akita Prefecture 1997.07

Client: Ohmagari City JR East Japan Railway Company

Contractor: Ohbayashi Corporation

Site Area: 14,630.39 ㎡

Floor Area: 2,123.05 ㎡

Structure, Scale: Steel, 2 Stories

Photos: Katsuaki Furudate

"Design using as images of sound, light and water was used for the local community that is renowned for fireworks and water fountains. The station interiors are filled with an open feel that has brought to it much praise from citizens and travelers as a comfortable space. In addition, the completion of the elevator and escalator connecting the station front with the ticket wickets as well as various platforms has projected an innovative design that is nevertheless people-friendly and thus beloved by many."

- Ohmagari Station Akita Branch Office, JR East Japan Railway Company

"The image of Ohmagari as a city of sound, light and water was expressed on the front of the station building. Not to mention an innovative exterior design and the tourist information function as well as space for intermingling. It has much new proposals to offer. As the entryway to the central city of the region in addition to offering a base for exchange of people, culture and information, we wish to henceforth make this station live up to its potential."

- Tsukasa Takahashi, Ohmagari Mayor

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