Nakasuna Day Care and Nursery School

Tokyo, Japan, 2016

Site Area : 2,824m2   Building Area : 720m2 Floor Area : ...

Small Building for Clinic and Group Home

Kanagawa, Japan, 2016

Site Area : 130m2   Built Area : 96m2 Floor Area : 269m2 Scale o...

Daheguan Guanshanghe

Dalian, China, 2012


Tokyo, Japan, 2012

Sola-Gokokuji Cooparative House

Tokyo, Japan, 2008

Pin Whiel House

Tokyo, Japan, 2006

This is the court house we named "Pin wheel configuration House". 4L-shaped big walls are placed in the configuration like blad...

Sakata Community Hall

Yamagata, Japan, 2006

The Multipurpose hall is a part of the campus town plan. It was built for cultural events and lifetime learning opportunities. The...

KEIO SFC Design Studio House

Kanagawa, Japan, 2000

Shonan-Fujisawa campus is known for taking initiative to create a new educational and research environment in an information networ...