Stack Tower

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Oscar KO, Gu Yunduan, Li Congyu, Wang Jia

Stack Tower is a design of office building based in Xiamen. Because the shape is like a box staggered stacking, so named Stack Tower.

Staggered & Grouping
The tower has shopping mall at the bottom and office area beyond. The office building part is rented for a group every three to four floors. This inspired the architects: can we plan the volume of the building according to the rental group? The question was put forward, not only to give the tower a rudimentary form, but also to derive a surprising aerial platform. With one unit per three floors, each unit contains an indoor space plus a rooftop garden. These staggered aerial platforms are a platform for users to come into contact with the outside space and nature, so the tower is no longer totally closed, but own the legendary high-rise green space.

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