JR Saitama Shintoshin Station

Saitama, 日本

“This station and passagewaycommemoratethe centennial of the founding of Saitama and act as the gateway to Saitama New Urban Center. For visitors, the station has become a beloved landmark of the growing capitol of the Kanto Region, widely praised for its bright and open atmosphere.”

- Saitama Prefectural Infrastructure Department, Shintoshin Management Division

“This station serves both as the gateway to the Saitama New Urban Center and as the focal point where the eastern and western districts of the city meet.. Last year after it opened, the station attracted over fifty school tours, and many visitors commented that the wide-open space was “breathtaking” and “full of light.” Shintoshin station has fast become the face of the region. We hope to continue providing our customers with reliable service through this facility.


- Shigetaka Eitoku, JR East Japan Railway, Tokyo Construction Office

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