Information column, Olympics park


Instead of the usual urban lighting system, for the two and half kilometre long Olympic Park Area, along the urban south-north axis, the authority aims to put 29 columns, with a height of 29 meters, to symbolize the 29th Olympic games. The column should combine functions as lighting, digital information display panel, audio system, solar energy collector, antenna for wireless stuffs etc. The idea of the tree form column is first, to extend the lights as far as possible to cover a large area, then, to match the organic form of both the stadium and the swimming pool - two major buildings on the site.

Project Name: Information column

Location: Olympics park, Beijing

Client: Xinao Group

Architect: Qi Xin

Project Team: Qi Xin, Qin Yan, He Wei

Structure and Material: Steel

Cost: 150 million RMB

Design Period: 2007

Construction Period: 2007

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