Visualització © Miguel Muralha
Visualització © Miguel Muralha
Visualització © Miguel Muralha
Visualització © Miguel Muralha

Flag House

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Whistler, Whistler, Canada
Site Area

8.100 sqm

Built Area
1.130 sqm

Studio MK27
Architect: Marcio Kogan
Co-Architect: Suzana Glogowski
Interior Design: Diana Radomysler
Collaborators: Carlos Csta . Mariana Ruzante . Mariana Simas
Team: Beatriz Meyer. Carolina Castroviejo . Eduardo Chalabi . Eduardo Glycerio . Eduardo Gurian . Elisa Friedmann . Gabriel Kogan . Lair Reis . Luciana Antunes . Marcio Tanaka . Maria Cristina Motta . Oswaldo Pessano . Renata Furlanetto . Samanta Cafardo

Local architect
Evoke International Design

Miguel Muralha

The main challenge of this project was to create a strong connection between internal and external spaces, typical of studio mk27 project in tropical climate, but in this case, in Whistler, a ski station in Canada where winters are harsh.

The research for spaces able to create this feeling of belonging to the surrounding nature without foregoing the necessary insulation for the house. The result was a glass box leaning on another. This gesture, of projecting outwards the mountain, of flotation over he site respond to the wish of integration with the landscape. In contrast with the transparente upper volume, the basement is a metalic surface that, in a way, merged with the snow.

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