Lighting a 'Cave'

John Hill
18. February 2020
Photo: Gavriil Papadiotis © ERCO GmbH

The design of the gift shop inside Jean Nouvel's National Museum of Qatar was inspired by caves, as explained by architect Koichi Takada in a short film from ERCO.

Exterior of the NMoQ designed by Ateliers Jean Nouvel (Photo: Gavriil Papadiotis © ERCO GmbH)

When NMoQ opened in March 2019, architect Jean Nouvel described the design as "the first architectural structure that nature itself creates." But a lack of interior photos inside the museum made it unclear how deep such a statement was. 

Although not designed by Nouvel, the cave-like spaces of the gift shop takes the nature analogy deeper: inside the museum and its exterior shell of interlocking disks. Architect Koichi Takada was inspired by Dahl Al Misfir (Cave of Light) in Qatar, designing fluid wood surfaces that echo the natural subterranean spaces.

The cave-like surfaces in the gift shops designed by Koichi Takada Architects (Photo: Gavriil Papadiotis © ERCO GmbH)

In a short film from ERCO, Koichi Takada describes his design and how the lighting helps to reinforce the design intent.

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