S AM Calls

John Hill
27. May 2020
Image: Swiss Architecture Museum

Every Friday the Swiss Architecture Museum is holding "S AM Calls," in which S AM director Andreas Ruby talks with architects, urbanists, and others about the significance of the "coronavirus condition" on architecture and cities.

The calls are held on Instagram Live and then posted to S AM's YouTube channel. The series started on May 15th with Swiss architect Jacques Herzog. "The conversation," per S AM, "touched on topics such as genericism versus specificity, the possibility of a 'rural turn' following the COVID-19 crisis, and the ways in which the design and management of cities might change after the current pandemic."

On May 22, Ruby spoke with Italian architect and theorist Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani. This second conversation, per S AM, "touched on topics such as what we might learn from the history of urban plagues in facing the COVID-19 crisis; why the current pandemic is not necessarily a reason to cast doubt on the fundamental principles of urban density; and strategies for maintaining and even increasing public space in the city going forward."

Next, on May 29 at 5pm CET, Ruby will speak with Swiss architect Ludovica Molo via S AM's Instagram.

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