Shaping the New IOC

John Hill
26. June 2019
Photo © 2019 / International Olympic Committee (IOC) / Mørk, Adam

3XN's Kim Herforth Nielsen talked with Louisiana Channel inside the newly opened Olympic House - IOC Headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, about the formal and sustainable aspects of their design.

Denmark's 3XN has been getting some justifiable attention for the new IOC Headquarters. Its faceted facade, which expresses the movement of athletes, is striking, but it's actually topped by the swirling stairs in the center of the building. There, the five rings of the Olympics become the dynamic heart of the building, the place where members of the IOC interact in the course of their daily activities.

Watch Louisiana Channel's interview with Nielsen below and visit 3XN's profile to see more of Olympic House - IOC Headquarters.

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