Lihu Wan New City Master Plan

Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China
CU Office

According to the Wuxi City Master Plan's positioning as a sub-center of Wuhu Bay and the unparalleled scenery resources on the edge of Taihu Lake, we need a low-intensity development of tourism and leisure in Wuhu Bay, or a high-intensity development of buildings? This problem has created confusion for urban developers, but it also opens up the possibility of a unique creative urban development plan. The master plan creatively proposed the concept of a two-city. It is a water city that is restored and developed according to the original natural water network in the site. The water network is the center of the design of the water city, which consists of water streets of various shapes. High-density communities are placed along the existing road system. The water city buildings are organically distributed along the water system, and the organic evolution of the water city in the development of the new city is organized by the neighborhood. Business and tourism can be easily reflected in the water city, bringing vitality and fun to urban life. The city's main road naturally extends to cover the two cities, forming the land city, and the convenient transportation system brings a fast-paced and efficient urban lifestyle to the land city. With its original level difference, the water city and the land city constitute a transportation network that does not interfere with each other, ensuring the efficient access of the land city traffic and the continuous experience of the water city. In the design of the urban development model, based on the parametric design method and the latest technology, a powerful spatial solution is provided. It is considered that multiple parameters and their intersection relationships, such as: development intensity, economic indicators, a combination of functional formats and traffic pressure.

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