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Studio Link-Arc

Shenzhen Dachong Master Plan

Shenzhen, China, 2016

Located in the center of Shenzhen Nanshan District, the Dachong Master Plan Project is the largest reconstruction of an urban village in ...


Makoko Urban Design Toolbox

Lagos, Nigeria, 2014

Fabulous Urban developed the Makoko Urban Design Toolbox as contribution to the Makoko/Iwaya Waterfront Regeneration Plan based on the co...

OYO Architects

Masterplan W

W, Belgium, 2020

The aim was to build an urban design, in which a sustainable spatial layout is linked to a responsible programmatic and architectural int...

ASTOC Architects and Planners

Mooca – Vila Carioca, urban restructuring

São Paulo, Brazil, 2040

With a population of over 11 million, São Paulo is the largest city in the southern hemisphere. The greater São Paulo area, with more tha...

ASTOC Architects and Planners

Masterplan IFC, Moscow

Moscow, Russia, 2014

ASTOC Architects and Planners, HPP Architects and LAND Srl have been announced as winners of an international two-stage competition to ma...

Giuseppe Lunardini

Tourist oasis in the desert

Marrakech, Morocco, 2015

The project, in which Giuseppe Lunardini took part as Landscape Architect for his Moroccan company: LAWF (Landscape & Architecture Wo...

Wolff - Yapur

Regeneration of Ciudad Deportiva

Mexico City, Mexico, 2016

The Regeneration of Ciudad Deportiva in Mexico City is a project that has been lobbied to many city institutions. After several m...

WXY architecture + urban design

Kearny Point Master Plan and Building 78

Kearny, NJ, USA

WXY was commissioned to provide master planning services for the 130-acre former shipyard, Kearny Point, in New Jersey. Beginning...

Marion Regitko Architects

Lifelong Learning School

Kapiri, Uganda, 2009

Village – The Shalom School is a holistic project and this is reflected in the huge range of activities ...


Fushengyu Hotspring Resort

Mian Yang, China, 2015

This luxury hot spring resort is built around the hilltop of Luo Fu Shan, in Sichuan Province. The site is 300Mu or 21Ha, with 70.000 m2 ...

KI Studio

Rosedale Masterplan

Rosedale, Australia, 2004

A sensitive 138 Lot subdivision that responds to the site constraints. It includes community title open space with multipurpose r...

KI Studio

Riverside Wagga Wagga

Wagga Wagga, Australia, 2009

Riverside Wagga Wagga is a visionary project that will reinforce the relationship between the iconic Murrumbidgee River and the city of W...

KI Studio

Wangjiang Park

Hangzhou, China, 2009

The site encompasses an area of approximately 4 hectares along the foreshore of the Qiantang River. Key challenge of the project included...

KI Studio

Hangzhou New CBD Foreshore Park

Hangzhou, China, 2006

The site encompasses an area of approximately 37 hectares along the foreshore of the Qiantang River to be used as a multi-function park a...

Dost Stadtentwicklung Architektur Innenarchitektur

Arealentwicklung Leumatt Buchrain

Buchrain Leumatt, Switzerland

Stadtentwicklung, Luzern, Burchrain, Leumatt, Arealentwicklung

Studio Libeskind

Tor di Valle

Rome, Italy, 2015

Located on 100 hectares/247 acres site that was the former home to Rome’s hippodrome, the 287,000 square meter business park is dev...

Studio Libeskind

World Trade Center Master Plan

New York, NY, USA, 2003

In 2002, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC) announced a competition for a master plan to develop the 16 acres in Lower Ma...

D’Aura Arquitectura

Barcelona World Basketball Festival

Barcelona, Spain, 2014

Public Sports facility for World Basketball at Barcelona.   Apart from the professional competition o...

Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Cieza Urban Renovation

Cieza, Spain

We have come across a city edge which has no relationship with the natural environment which surrounds it. El Paseo de Ronda surrounds th...

Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Neuchâtel Waterfront park.

Neuchâtel, Switzerland

How can we envision a park for the 21st century? What role should it play in the contemporary city? What should its programmatic content ...


10 DESIGN | Queen Margaret University

Musselburgh, Scotland, Great Britain

The creation of the 45,000 sqm mixed use commercial and innovation hubs located at the gateway to the University campus will create a vib...


10 DESIGN | The Core of Zhuhai City Heart

Zhuhai, China, 2015

10 DESIGN wins design competition to transform the Core of Zhuhai City into a new landmark metropolis.   The Core of Zhuhai City He...

Antón Landschaft

Urban Planning City Development Niederfeld

Dietikon, Switzerland, 2013

Non-anonymous Commissioned study 2013 Niderfeld is a large area of approximately 40 hectares located in t...

La Invisible

Lighting Master Plan Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain, 2012

The Invisible leads a team of planners, engineers and a lighting departament. All together have redacted a Lighting Master Plan, which wi...


Masterplan Lighting Freiham-Nord

Munich, Germany, 2015

Lichtmasterplan | Aufbauend auf einem unbespielten Stadtbild wird hier ein Masterpan für die Beleuchtung des Stadtteils Freiham Nord darg...

h4a Architekten


Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2007

In Frankfurt am Main entsteht zurzeit ein neues innenstadtnahes Stadtviertel auf den Flächen des ehemaligen Hauptgüterbahnhofs: das neue ...

h4a Architekten


München, Germany, 2004

Im Münchner Stadtteil Moosach plant unser Büro die Neustrukturierung und Entwicklung eines Technologieparks auf einem ehemaligen Gaswerkg...


Planning Competition for Xinzheng Historical…

Xinzheng, China, 2014

Second Prize of International competition


Urban & Architectural Design Competition for C2…

Nansha Guangzhou, China, 2014

1st Prize of International Competition, Winning Entry

Miralles/Tagliabue - EMBT

Hafencity public spaces

Hamburg, Germany, 2007

The community overseeing the development of the Port of Hamburg set up a competition to regenerate and urbanize the shores of the River E...

Mamen Domingo | Ernest Ferré Arquitectes

Fire station

Valls (Tarragona), Spain, 2010

The facade, a double envelope with a exterior surface composed by fiberglass planels of different colours, gives the characteristic image...

RZAPS (Ricardo Zurita Architecture & Planning, P.C.)


Atlanta, GA, USA

The project is for the transformation of the Courtland Street/Ralph McGill Boulevard Bridge in downtown Atlanta.  Spanning the I75/I...

AV62 arquitectos

Erbil Citadel Revitalization

Erbil, Iraq, 2011

The Citadel of Erbil has evidence of many millennia of habitation, making it one of the longest continuously inhabited sites in the world...

AV62 arquitectos

Restructuring of the Khadimyia neighbourhood

Bagdad, Iraq, 2009

Our proposal for the restructuring of the Kadhimiya neighbourhood that surrounds the shrine is built on the following premises: 1.Maximum...

AV62 arquitectos

Revive and develop the area of Adhamyia

Baghdad, Iraq, 2010

THE RIVER AND THE CONTEMPORARY METROPOLIS The Tigris River, in the winding crossing along the Iraqi territory, illuminates the life and o...

Ravetllat - Ribas slp

Centro Oriente - La Montada

Iztapalapa, Mexico, 2013

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