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"Archaeology of the Future"

We want to create architecture for the future like no one has ever seen, experienced, or even imagined yet. But we do not mean that we want to make a new flashy futuristic type of architecture. Rather, we want to make architecture that belongs to its place, where it has memories in its depth and that we can connect to the past by bringing it into the future through the making of architecture.

When we start a project, we begin by looking back to the past as far as possible. We excavate the past in order to find memories that are embedded in places, like the work of archaeologists. It is a searching and researching process that drives our curiosity. It allows deep thinking and also facilitates encountering things that have been forgotten, erased or vanished by our global modernization. This is the first step of our process often full of surprises and discoveries through which we begin to believe in the idea of excavating collective memories. Then that archaeology, the process of thinking from the past to the future, slowly becomes architecture.

This is the idea that we want to create; architecture that inherits memory of place that carries into the future. We call this idea of forming architecture: “Archaeology of the Future”.

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