Tourist Apartments in Santiago de Compostela

Spain, 2017

These six tourist apartments (apart-hotel) are the outcome of the careful renovation of a partially listed building dating from 1666 in a...

Two Cork Houses

Spain, 2016

These two houses are built on a plot of land densely populated by tall, slender pines, young cork trees, and holm oaks in a part of the C...

Ceramic Lattice House

Spain, 2015

The house is located in the upper reaches of the coastal mountain range of Les Gavarres, a short distance from the Sant Sebastià lighthou...

House at Port de la Selva

Port de la Selva, Spain, 2012

Public High School in Begues

Begues, Spain, 2011

Stand for Pedro García

Milan, イタリア, 2010

Studio House

Barcelona, Spain, 2008

27 Social Dwellings for Young People

Barcelona, Spain, 2007

Hotel Aire de Bardenas

Tudela, Spain, 2007