A Visit to Bergell

John Hill
9. september 2020
Alex Dorici: Arco geometrico, 2020 (Photo: Screenshot)

VernissageTV visits the inaugural Biennale Bregaglia in Bergell, Switzerland, where artists from all over the country have installed artworks that sometimes interact directly with the historical landscapes and buildings.

VernissageTV, which has taken viewers to exhibitions on art, design and architecture since 2005, is a blessing in the age of coronavirus. Although many museums have reopened or are reopening this fall, it's still difficult for people to travel. So VernissageTV's laid-back presentations — where the ambient sounds of exhibition spaces, rather than commentary, accompany the visuals — are welcome peeks at art for those stranded at home.

A recent video that might be of interest to architects is Biennale Bregaglia, which is set around the church of Nossa Dona and the Lan Müraia dam near Promontogno in Bergell, not far from St. Moritz. It highlights eleven contributions by Swiss artists who engage with the local context in creative ways.

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