Decameron store

São Paulo, Brazil
Fotografia © Pedro Vannucchi
Fotografia © Pedro Vannucchi
Fotografia © Pedro Vannucchi
Fotografia © Pedro Vannucchi
Fotografia © Pedro Vannucchi
Fotografia © Pedro Vannucchi
Fotografia © Pedro Vannucchi
Studio MK27
São Paulo, Brazil
1-5 pisos
Site Area

540 sqm

Built Aerea
250 sqm

Studio MK27
Architect: Marcio Kogan
Co-Architect: Mariana Simas
Interior Design: Diana Radomysler
Furniture Design: Mariana Simas
Project Architects: Oswaldo Pessano . Pedro Tuma
Team: Carolina Castroviejo . Eduardo Chalabi . Eduardo Glycerio . Eduardo Gurian . Elisa Friedmann . Gabriel Kogan . Lair Reis . Luciana Antunes . Marcio Tanaka . Maria Cristina Motta . Renata Furlanetto . Samanta Cafardo . Suzana Glogowki

Pedro Vannucchi

Landscape Architect
Renata Tilli

lumini, Arch. Ricardo Gutfreund

Visual Identity
Nó Design

Office Window-Frames



Structure Engineer
Pouguett Engenharia e Projetos

General Contractor
Terra Gaia
Eng. Marcello Ventura
Eng. Carlos Eduardo Murakami

The showroom of the Decameron furniture store is located on a rented site in the furniture commercial alley in São Paulo. To make the quick and economic construction viable, the project worked with the premise of a light occupation of the lot, basically done with industrial elements, which could easily be assembled. 

The space was constructed through a mixed solution, with maritime transport containers and a specifically designed structure. Despite the spatial limitation imposed by the pre-determined dimension of the containers, the piece has impressive structural attributes that makes piling them possible. Two stories of containers form tunnels where products are displayed side by side.

The ample span, necessary to show furniture in relation with each other, is constructed by a metallic structure. This space is closed, in front and in back, by double-height metal casements with alveolar polycarbonate. At the back of the lot, there is a patio filled with trees and a pebbled-ground. When both doors are simultaneously opened, the whole store becomes integrated with its urban context. At rush stressful hours, by opening only the back doors, the store becomes self-absorbed, ruled by the presence of the inner-garden.

On the back of the site is the office, closed by a glass wall that enables the designers to take part on the sales life. Two edges of the design process in contact through the inner patio as other opposing strengths also meet at this small project: The intensity of the urban life and a small nature retreat, the power of the containers and the lightness of the metallic structure and finally the linearity of the tunnels and the cubic volume. 

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