Tiancheng Sale Office

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The sale office is divided into two parts: first part is for reception and negotiation, and the second part is used as show room. The whole building will be transformed later into a bar and shops. The form of the building comes from the site boundary that is quite tight. The double skin in a gentle curve shape, made by cast aluminium, gives a rich and unifying aspect to the building from the outside. But from the inside, it shades the façade and it does not block the view. The skylight, covered with coloured silk, gives the interior a warm and cheerful atmosphere.

Project Name: Tiancheng Sale Office

Location: Wuhan

Client: Rongke

Architect: Qi Xin, Xu Dan

Project Team: Qi Xin, Qin Yan, He Wei, Xu Dan, Zhang Yajuan, Wang Bin, Huang Reihuang

Structure and Material: concrete, aluminium

Building Area: 1.300 sqm

Cost: 3 million RMB

Design Period: 2006

Construction Period: 2006-07

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