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Geography of Times

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Europan 9
The sustainable city and new public space
Siracusa, Italy
International Competition | Second Prize

Authors: Enrica Dall'Ara, Matteo Zamagni (team leader), Jessica Yvette Gamboa Cabazos, Sara Vespignani, Antonio Zamora Cabrera

The coast of Siracusa presents a stimulating conflict between the urban and the geographical scale. We recognize the broad dimension (and its local effects) as prevailing. Our intention is rebalancing the spatial dialectics by influencing on processes (both environmental and perceptual). This is a chance to overcome any social and physical blight of the public spaces.
Looking at the city from the sea, our project strengthens those signs which can mark an osmotic membrane between the urbanity and the vacuum, which can be loaded with meanings.
Landscape, intended as perceived environment, is a shortcut to increase the awareness of the several gazes which inhabit it.

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