Housing estate Schützenstraße

Innsbruck, Austria
Photo © Günter Richard Wett
Photo © Günter Richard Wett
Photo © Günter Richard Wett
Photo © Günter Richard Wett
Photo © Günter Richard Wett
Schützenstrasse 57, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria
1M - 100M
1-5 Stories

Situated in between the multi-story building quarter, the detached housing estate, next to a busy street, the need for a certain degree of introversion in living was apparent, right from the beginning of the small architectural competition. The half-open inner courtyard is surrounded by double sided orientated loft - apartments. Suitability for single-parents was the main focus when designing the 2-room apartments.

The estate was erected completely in cross-laminated timber/timber frame construction. All weathered fronts are dressed in Max exterior, fronts protected by loggias or porches in larch wood. To conform to sound-insulation standards for ceilings in residential buildings without relying on a drywall construction, extensive 1:1 tests and measurements have been conducted.

The "WOHNUNGSEIGENTUM Ges.m.b.H" made the conscious step towards multi-story residential buildings constructed in timber. Assembling a trio of Fa. SCHAFFERER timber constructions / Matrei as main contractor, an experienced timber construction architect and a progressive principal proved to be highly successful.

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